Application Form : Step 2

Please note: our basic rules of application and then proceed to fill in your online application below:

A) About Location:

Before start filling the application form, note that StayInRwanda will have to guide visitors to where is located your establishment. So your establishment must be located in the country of Rwanda, and the province and the district will be required during form filling. You must also provide Street address of your establishment, and you must locate your establishment on the map you are given during form filling.

B) About Categories:

Allowed establishments categories are Hotels, Motels, Pubs, Guest-houses, Bars, Apartments, Restaurants, Coffee shops, Nightclubs, Wedding venues and Conference venues. Note that your application can be cancelled in case your establishment is not of the listed categories.

Special Conditions:

People searching for accommodation on the StayInRwanda website will "deal directly with the owners / establishments". Consequently, persons or companies acting like agents are not eligible to apply on StayInRwanda and the subletting is not sanctioned. All email enquiries and bookings must be received by the establishment and may not be forwarded on to any other persons or institutions. StayInRwanda subscribers may not let out properties on behalf of other private individuals. Violation of these rules will result in the removal of the relevant establishment from the StayInRwanda website without refund. StayInRwanda reserves the right to refuse amiss applications. We also reserve the right to withdraw any existing subscriptions related to public complaints or advertisements that do not comply with our policies or strategies. StayInRwanda reserves the right to design its website. Properties that are up for sale will be required to notice it before being sold.

C) E-mail correspondence:

Please note that by becoming a member of StayInRwanda you agree to accept certain correspondence/notices via e-mail.
I have read the terms and conditions and accept them.

Note: If you don't see the button, please tick the check box above to ensure that you accept terms and conditions.